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Q What does a typical Dyson vacuum repair involve?

A A typical Dyson service will include:

1. Parts and labour
2. Full inspection of the Dyson vacuum cleaner by a trained engineer
3. Electrical and safety test
4. A 6 month warranty

Q Why might a Dyson vaccum cleaner repair take longer then expected?

A Some Dyson vacuum cleaner repairs (especially for older models) require sourcing of parts which can slightly increase turnaround times. In these circumstances you will be kept informed of progress.

Q Are Dyson repairs a cost effective solution for faults?

A Absolutely. In nearly all cases, a Dyson repair is an economical alternative to purchasing a replacement.

If a repair is not viable, you will be advised of this. However, the vast majority of faults can be successfully repaired, and a 6 month warranty is supplied with every completed Dyson repair.

Dyson Troubleshooting

This page covers some of the common faults that can occur with Dyson vacuum cleaners.

If you require a Dyson repair, the reliable engineers can help with their professional and affordable service. Your Dyson can be collected from any UK address by insured courier, free of charge.

To ensure all customers are satisfied with the service they receive, all Dyson repairs include a 1 year warranty for exceptional value and added peace of mind.

For more information please fill out the enquiry form with your details and a member of the team will contact you during business hours.

Alternatively please call the phone number provided to arrange your Dyson vacuum cleaner repair.

Dyson Repair Support

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner is no longer working efficiently, we can help with our nationwide Dyson repair service.

The dedicated professional always strive to get customers Dyson repairs conducted within 3-5 working days, ensuring the machines are up and running as quickly as possible.

We recommend cleaning your vacuum prior to contacting the team, as a blockage may be causing the issue. If the problem persists, we will be happy to arrange your Dyson repair, which will be conducted by a fully trained engineer.

The following symptoms may indicate that your Dyson vacuum requires a professional repair:

• Noisy motor
• Burnt out motor
• Broken vacuum belt
• Broken cable
• Burning smell
• Loss of suction
• Torn hose
• Brush bar clutch failure
• Blocked cylinder
• Blockages
• Fractured pipe
• Water damage.

We do not recommend DIY Dyson repairs, as these can cause irreparable damage, and may render the unit non serviceable.

For further information on the national Dyson vacuum repair service or to enquire about any other fault, simply give the team a call or fill in the Dyson form. A member of the team will be in contact as soon as possible by phone or email.

Recent enquires

loss of suction and noisy


when i switch it on there is strong suction from the top going into the dust collector but then the suction stops


smokesmell.suspect motor burnt out due to blocked filter.


found water within dyson not used for two months as out of country but cant see how it got into dyson tried to dry out as much as possible but making gurgling noises and burning smell as well as smoke


suspected burnt out motor. the vacuum started to smoke from where the motor is positioned and the motor has now stopped working.


split hosebrush protector broken